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There is no better way than making a statement than using a statement tee. What’s a statement tee? Typically it is a t-shirt with some type of slogan. I absolutely love a statement tee because of the versatility that they provide in my wardrobe. There are many online boutiques/shops that offer slogan tees. They are also sold in almost every store even Wal-Mart and Target. My collection has grown because I enjoy them so much, here are few of mine and different ways they can be styled!

"I Love God and Trap Music"

This statement tell exactly how I feel and in that order LoL! God is always first "I Love God and Trap Music"... this statement tee is from Tees In The Trap over on Instagram! A statement tee is perfect to pair with a blazer, distressed denim (you know I love) and heels!

"We Out", Harriet Tubman. 1849"

When you know African American history and you are proud to wear it! This statement tee is the newest to my collection. I purchased this one from a vendor at Women's Empowerment, it is very empowering, to say the least! Paired this with some shorts, heals, pop of color in my earrings and my clutch and "IM OUT"!

"Fix it Jesus"

"Fix it Jesus" in Phadrea Parks voice! Now this one is perfect with a colorful skirt and heels for church! This statement tee is also from Tees In The Trap on Instagram.

There is a statement tee for everyone and they are unisex, so get you one and where it however you like!



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  • Love!!..nothin like a cute tee!
    Too cute hun!

    Misha on
  • Thanks love! I live for a great statement tee. I don’t say much so I let my shirts do the talking LoL!!!

    TCCF on
  • I need that first T-shirt! Too cute! I always always wanted to try the T-shirt and skirt look, it is casual but still put together and is a great look for church. I will have to def give it a try now.

    Ricki on

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